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The Storkful

Yes, AI-Powered Babies.

The Storks are Back!

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Storkful is a quirky parallel universe where you breed, collect, and trade babies with your friends, your enemies, and even with your favorite celebrities! Participate in quests, play games, attend events, vote for top babies, and earn global fame and fortune!

Each Storkful Baby is unique, owned by you, can not be taken away or lost, and is traceable up and down its family tree. Unique parents unlock unique traits!

Start by having a baby with someone, just grab a Stork quickly, as quantities are limited!

PS – You’ll find out why so many describe Storkful as “bizarre but fun” and “mind bending”.

Add to the Population

Be a (re)productive member of the Internet, make a baby or three, and let them run around on the metaverse! Grow your family empire, even trade your successful (or unsuccessful!) kids with other parents!

Storks For Sale!

Last few remaining! Last few remaining! Last few remaining!

Last few remaining!

Last few remaining!

Storkful Family Empires

How does the Storkful economy work, and how do babies earn money? 
Why do top Storkful players raise such good little influencers? Read all about it:

How To Play? Have A Storkful Baby!

You’ll need a Stork.

Storks contain secret BabyMaker DNA code for new babies. You only need a willing partner (or a lookalike), and one of these birds! Storks are delivered digitally so keep your account ready!

Each Stork is minted with magic potions that imbue 
your fetus with special powers:
Fertility Potion Ready to Consummate
Half-Baked Potion XY or XX Extract
Embryo Potion FREE Incubator Included!

Your baby DNA contains characteristics across personality traits such as Luck, Strength, Talent, Intelligence, Fame, Wealth, and Lifespan.

Don’t wait, bring a child into the world today!

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